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  We are passionate about Swiss chocolate. We discover the world of great products and we want to share with you our discoveries. The Swiss Chocolate Stores are run by the exclusive distributor of the Favarger brand for Poland, the SSC distribution company Krzysztof Sankowski, which is a member of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.


    For the first time in Poland, we present the brand of Swiss chocolate Favarger from Geneva with a two hundred year tradition thanks to its distributor SSC distribution.

    Favarger is a company from Geneva with two centuries of tradition in creating traditional Swiss chocolates. The most classic line of the brand's products is the Heritage line, where the traditional recipe developed over the centuries along with traditional production methods and the best selected ingredients created the quintessence of the classic Swiss chocolate taste, which we could not try in Poland so far. These noble chocolates are able to transfer the owner for a moment into the atmosphere of the nineteenth-century Geneva, the former chocolate capital of the world. Favarger also offers the luxury line Favarger Manufacture, which is the quintessence of premium class chocolates and the Souvenir line, whose emphasis is a large Swiss cross on elegant cardboard packaging.

    Favarger is a brand for the residents of the Geneva canon, almost cult, being an icon of Geneva, which has been accompanying generations since childhood. It is even one of the symbols of Geneva and thus represents what Geneva is associated with today, that is with the highest quality and luxury.

    This can be compared to the meaning that Wedel had for the pre-war Varsovians, with the difference that in Geneva this tradition has been continued for 200 years. Warsaw was not so lucky, which is another reason to respect the Favarger brand. But there are many more reasons for this. Long-term relationships provide access to the best ingredients and the best suppliers. 100% of production takes place only from natural ingredients of the highest quality. Selected grains, cocoa butter, 0 other fats other than cocoa, Bourbon Bourbon from Madagascar, hazelnuts from Piedmont, almonds from Valencia, and finally additions in the form of roasted cocoa beans or dried apricots make these chocolates breathless from the impression and many customers say that they have never experienced such a great taste. Two centuries of continuous improvement of recipes and streamlining of processes brought effects that no chocolate from the supermarket can even get up close.

    The company has been a family business since the beginning, where the family has been developing it for two centuries, cultivating traditions without losing control, and thus being one of not many Swiss traditional chocolate manufactures and certainly the last of Geneva. The flagship Favarger boutique in Geneva operates today in the same place where the first boutique Favarger was founded for almost two centuries. This reminds Warsaw's tradition of the Warsaw tradition associated with the flagship store Wedel on Szpitalna street, where for over 100 years it has been operating in the same place as a factory shop.

    So if someone is bored with the offer of supermarkets and gas stations, he pays attention to quality and he does not care what he buys, then Favarger is just for him. The Favarger brand will repay the magic of a 200-year-old tradition, full of many references to history, even to the Napoleonic wars, which is easily connected to loyal customers. At the same time, it does not impose itself, it does not hit the shelves of supermarkets but it remains exclusive, for the chosen ones. It's up to each of us to be seduced and charmed with her story of Geneva and Switzerland.

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