Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Please be advised that acceptance of cookies by the user on our part takes place through a browser. Each user can decide on the level of the browser settings or accept cookies, in what quantity and what.

The company SSC distribution Krzysztof Sankowski hereinafter SSC distribution, attaches great importance to the privacy of its customers. SSC distribution, as data controller, ensures the security of our shared company data. These data are especially protected and secured against unauthorized access. Your personal data are processed by the SSC distribution, in accordance with Article. 23 paragraph. 1, paragraphs 1.3 and 5 of the Act on the protection of personal data for purposes related to running a commercial service.

Resulting from the general principles of Internet connections information contained in system logs are used by us for technical purposes related to the administration of our servers. In addition, the data are used to collect general statistical and demographic information (eg. The region from which the connection), for advertising, marketing, etc. reference. In the registration form on our website please provide your contact details and settlement (including name, phone number, e-mail). Such data is necessary to log in and obtain access to an online store. Contact information contained in the registration form, they are used for accounting purposes, and to communicate with the client (eg. As part of customer service). Optionally, it is possible to provide demographic information (eg. Date of birth).

Our security procedures protect data against unauthorized access. We take measures to protect the personal database by restricting access to it. Only a small group of authorized persons can access your personal data.

We limit the collection and use of data to the minimum necessary to provide services of the highest quality. SSC distribution provides its customers with the ability to modify data via telephone or Internet. Supplement, correct or update their personal data, you can make at tel. +48 602 206 341 or e-mail:

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, practices on our website, contact us:


SSC distribution company respects the privacy of users and protect their personal information. SSC distribution company publishes this Declaration Personal Data Protection, to inform users about its strategy to protect personal data and use practices, as well as the ability to respond to the collection of information about you on the Internet and how to use them. Structure of the site has been designed in such a way that they can be visited without identifying yourself or revealing personal data. This information is readily available on the home page and at the bottom of every web page of the SSC distribution

SSC distribution company also carried out a verification of their practices, protection of personal data for compliance with the applicable Polsce.i European Union guidelines.

Sites covered by this declaration.
Types of information collected.
Personal data of children.
Usage information.
Who we share information?
The possibility of proceeding.
Preferred options for dealing with personal data and resignation.
Personal data and external companies.
Access to data and their accuracy.
Privacy policy.
Changes in the content of this declaration.
Contact the company.
How SSC distribution company uses cookies and Web beacons (web beacons) on your website and in advertisements of other companies:

Web beacons
External advertising agencies

This Declaration applies to all sites and domains owned by the SSC distribution company

Links to websites unrelated to SSC distribution
SSC distribution sites may contain links to third-party websites, published for the user's convenience and messages. By using them, the user leaves SSC's distribution website SSC distribution does not affect these websites or their personal data protection practices, which may differ from those used by SSC distribution. SSC distribution does not take any responsibility for the websites of external companies . The SSC distribution declaration does not apply to personal data that you choose to provide to third parties. We encourage you to read the company's personal data protection policy before sending your personal data to it. Some third-party companies may share their personal data with SSC distribution; this is regulated by the principles of personal data protection policy of a given external company.

This Declaration applies to personal data, collection of non-personal data and the creation of summary reports.

Personal data
it's information about your name and identity. The company SSC distribution uses personal data to better understand the needs and interests of users and to offer a higher level of service. The user who decides to provide his personal data to the company does not have to fear that they will be used for purposes other than strengthening cooperation with SSC distribution. We take seriously the trust placed in us by users. The SSC distribution company does not sell, rent or lease user's personal data to third parties.
Some SSC distribution sites allow you to order products and services, obtain information, order marketing materials, and apply for jobs at SSC distribution. The personal information provided on these pages may include your name, address, telephone number, email address, user IDs and passwords, billing data and transaction data, credit card details, preferred methods of contact.
The user may also be asked to provide information about his personal or professional interests, data on family members and experience with our products and services, which aims to adapt the appearance of the website, services or communication to user preferences and improve products and services. It is not mandatory to provide this additional information.

Data other than personal data
it is data on the use and operation of the website, not related to a specific identity. The SSC distribution company collects and analyzes non-personal data in order to assess the use of SSC distribution websites by visitors. The non-personal data collected may include information about pages visited on SSC distribution sites, specific URLs visited on our site, the type of browser used and the IP2 address. Most non-personal data is collected using cookie files or other data analysis technologies. The SSC distribution websites use cookie files, web beacons and other data analysis technologies and personalization services. In addition, SSC distribution places its ads on other websites that may use cookie files. Further information is available in the section How SSC Distribution uses cookies and web beacons on its website and in third-party advertisements.

1 URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an international standard for identifying documents and other World Wide Web resources. For example, is the URL of the SSC distribution homepage.

2 An IP address is an identifier of a computer or device used in TCP / IP-based networks, e.g. on the www network. The networks use the TCP / IP protocol to route data based on the destination computer's IP address. In other words, an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to a computer every time you connect to a www network that allows servers to find and identify it. IP addresses are needed so that users can communicate via the Internet, browse its resources and shop in online stores.

The company SSC distribution takes care of the protection of children's personal data, we encourage parents and guardians to actively take interest in the activities and interests of children on the Internet. The SSC distribution company does not consciously collect data from children under the age of 13, and the company's websites are not directed to children under the age of 13.

The SSC distribution company uses users' personal data to provide them with services and a better understanding of their needs and interests. This information makes it possible in particular to complete the transaction or place an order, send messages, provide services and inform about new products and benefits, personalize promotional offers. The company may sometimes use the user's data to contact him in order to research the SSC distribution products and services market. The user has the opportunity to determine his preferences regarding such contacts (see section 7, "Preferred ways of handling personal data and resignation"). The credit card details are used only to process payments and prevent fraud. This data is not used by financial service providers or SSC distribution for any other purpose and will not be stored for longer than necessary to provide services unless the user requests to retain credit card information for subsequent purchases.

To ensure a more consistent and personalized service within the framework of cooperation with SSC distribution, information collected through various services can be combined.

Non-personal data is collected to create reports on the ease of use of the SSC distribution site, its performance and effectiveness. This is to increase the attractiveness of the content and the ease of use of the site.

The SSC distribution company does not sell, rent or lease user's personal data to third parties, except in cases when the user requests products and services. A request for user consent will appear when you share data.

The SSC distribution company cooperates with external suppliers who offer customers complete services and solutions described in the "How to use information" section. These providers must ensure confidentiality of data obtained on behalf of SSC distribution and may not use them for any purpose other than providing services performed for SSC distribution. Service providers may change, and SSC distribution may conclude agreements with other service providers to meet the needs more effectively. their clients.

SSC distribution does not disclose personal data to third parties without obtaining consent, unless: (a) it is a response to requests for information made by administrative bodies; (b) it is required by law, appropriate regulations, subpoena or court order, (c) to assist in the prevention of fraud or to ensure the implementation or protection of rights and property of SSC distribution; (d) to protect the personal security of SSC distribution employees and third parties located within the SSC distribution

The company SSC distribution gives users the opportunity to declare whether they want to receive information that complements our range of products and services. If you want to receive information about products and services and marketing materials about SSC distribution, you can place an order. SSC distribution materials may include information about new products, special offers or an invitation to participate in a market study. Materials can be delivered in one of the following ways: by regular mail, e-mail or by phone. Further information is provided in section 7. We make every effort to respect users' decisions. This option does not apply to information exchange to finalize the order.

Services that do not require registration
The SSC distribution company does not use your personal data for purposes other than those provided when sharing data. Examples of unrelated use include: sending information about special offers, product information and marketing. However, the User may submit a request to receive such information that does not require registration. Specify the preferred methods of dealing with personal data by writing to the SSC department of personal data distribution - remember to provide your name, e-mail address and postal address in correspondence.

Services requiring registration
To opt out of receiving messages that were previously clearly ordered (e.g., e-mail newsletters, information about new products and promotions), use any of the following methods:

Follow the resignation instructions attached to each message associated with the subscription.
Send a message to the SSC distribution department of the SSC distribution, remember to provide your name, email address and mailing address, as well as relevant information regarding subscription of SSC distribution and registration materials.


Some SSC distribution services are linked to services provided by independent third parties. These services allow the possibility of sharing personal data with both SSC distribution and external companies. Examples include the option of finalizing the order via a reseller. The SSC distribution company will not make personal data of the user available to third parties without his consent.

The SSC distribution company tries to maintain the correctness of users' personal data. With this in mind, we have implemented the right technology, procedures and data management strategies. The SSC distribution company will enable users to access their data, trying to provide them with reasonable access and the ability to change information via the Internet. In order to protect personal data and ensure user's safety, SSC distribution will also take appropriate steps to verify its identity, e.g. by requiring a password and identifier before granting access to the data. Some pages on SSC distribution sites may offer limited access to specific people identified by means of passwords and other identifiers. The most effective way to view and change your personal data is to return to the page of the original registration and follow the instructions posted there.

The SSC distribution company tries to protect the data entrusted to it. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of data, ensure the correctness of data and proper use of information, SSC distribution has implemented appropriate physical and management procedures to protect the collected data.

If the terms will be updated in the Declaration, we will publish them on the SSC distribution website and update the date of issue of this document, so you can always check what data we collect online, how we use it and what the users have. In the case of significant changes to the content of the Declaration, SSC distribution will notify the customers affected by the changes.

We value all opinions of our clients. Any comments or questions regarding our strategy for the protection of personal data should be sent to the address of the personal data protection department.


The use of cookies and web beacons (web beacons)

A cookie file is a data file sent from a website to your computer's hard drive. SSC distribution sends cookies when browsing the site, making purchases or personalizing information or registering when using certain services. By accepting cookies used on our site, the user does not provide personal information, but cookies can be used to identify the user's computer. Cookies are usually divided into "session" files and "fixed" files.

o The "session" files after leaving our website or closing the browser are not saved on the user's computer. The information collected allows you to analyze traffic on our site. This allows us to gain experience useful in improving the content of our website, its personalization and facilitating its use.

o "Permanent" files are saved on the user's computer. They are used to facilitate shopping, personalization and registration services. For example, cookies can track items selected for purchase and store passwords on websites that require a username. "Permanent" cookies can be manually deleted by the User.

Most browsers by default accept cookies automatically, but it is possible to block or restrict some cookies by the appropriate configuration of cookies in your browser. After blocking cookies, some features on our site will not be available, and some websites may not be displayed correctly. The following addresses provide information on popular browsers and how to adjust preferences for cookies:

about Microsoft Internet Explorer:

on Mozilla Firefox:

about Google Chrome

In connection with the entry into force on 22-03-2013 of provisions resulting from the amendment of the telecommunications law regarding the rules for the use of cookies by websites (Act of 16 November 2012 amending the Act - telecommunications law and some other acts, Dz. U. of 2012, item 1445), we would like to inform you that the consent to cookies by the user of our site is made using a browser. Each user can independently decide on the browser settings level whether he accepts cookies, in what quantity and what.
No change to the default settings of the browser enabling the processing of cookies is an expression of a conscious act of the will of the user.

Web beacons (Web beacons)
Some pages on the SSC distribution website and e-mails formatted as HTML, use web beacons in conjunction with cookies, creating aggregate statistics on the use of the site. Web beacon is an electronic image, also known as one-pixel (1x1) or transparent GIF. Web beacons can recognize some information on users' computers, such as the cookie file number, the time and date of browsing the page, and a description of the page on which the siren is placed. The user can disable some web beacons by blocking the associated cookies.

External Advertising Agencies
The SSC distribution company does not provide third-party advertisements on its own site. The SSC distribution company may place an advertisement for SSC distribution products or services on third-party websites via external advertising agencies. If you are viewing a website with an SSC distribution advertisement, an online advertising agency may send cookies or web beacons to your computer. This allows the advertising agency to recognize the computer at the next visit or to measure the user's response to the ad. These are anonymous data and are not related to user's personal data or SSC distribution databases. These data are used by an online advertising agency to measure interest in advertising and content, and evaluate their effectiveness. SSC distribution does not have access to data collected by an online advertising agency. In order to prevent the advertising agency from sending cookies to your computer, you must block this option on the company's website or set the browser filter accordingly.

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